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The Great Resignation: COVID revealed how abnormal the modern workplace is

Is working from home the ultimate liberation or the first step toward an even unhappier "new normal"?

Epicurus and the atheist's guide to happiness

Seek pleasure and avoid pain. Why make it more complicated?

Changing a brain to save a life: how far should rehabilitation go?

What's the difference between brainwashing and rehabilitation?

Why kids take board games so seriously

How morally developed are you?

Big think: Will AI ever achieve true understanding?

If you ask your maps app to find "restaurants that aren't McDonald's," you won't like the result.

The power of conformity: How good people do evil things

Many people believe that in the face of profound evil, they would have the courage to speak up. It might be harder than we think.

The foundations of mathematics are unproven

Philosopher and logician Kurt Gödel upended our understanding of mathematics and truth.

Is Dumbledore gay? The question highlights a deeper literary debate

Once a book is published, who gets to interpret it? Us or the author?

The Axial Age: When the greatest minds walked the earth

The Jewish prophets, Plato, Sun Tzu, and Buddha all lived in a "golden age" of philosophy that laid the foundation of modern thought.

A canvas of nonsense: how Dada reflects a world gone mad through art

Using urinals, psychological collages, and animated furniture to shock us into reality.

Do you worry too much? Stoicism can help

How imagining the worst case scenario can help calm anxiety.

Lessons from the Roman Empire about the danger of luxury

Are we enslaved by the finer things in life?

Ancient physics: How Democritus predicted the atom

Democritus also did not believe in free will but was still known as the "laughing philosopher."