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Cory Booker on PC culture: Is censoring others really the best way?

The key to changing hearts and minds for a better world? Lead with love, says Senator Cory Booker.

Senator Cory Booker on Gun Violence: It's Time to Close Legal Loopholes

Senator Cory Booker has long been an advocate of common sense gun reform that both parties can agree on. Unfortunately, the recent shooting in Orlando has again showcased government inaction.

Cynicism Is a Toxic Mental State that Inhibits Creativity

Our biggest goals are unlikely to be accomplished in our own lifetime, says New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. That's why forming coalitions and keeping a positive attitude are so essential.

A Potential Nominee Speaks Out about the Vacancy on the Supreme Court

Named by The New York Times as a potential nominee to the Supreme Court, Cory Booker points out that strict constitutionalists should want a new appointee put forward before too long.