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I Learned More About Sex When I Gave It Up . . .

Without feeling like the victim of my own lust, I experienced freedom for the first time in my life. 

Why Mysticism Matters

Have you ever had a mystical experience?

Globalization Isn’t Just for Economists

The great surge of modernization in the ancient land of India is generating enormous stress for the multitudes who are striving to cash in on the new opportunities for prosperity. 

Piercing the Romantic Illusion

Many thoughtful, sensitive people are mature enough to have pierced the romantic illusion and seen through its "promise of perfection" for themselves. The question is, are we spiritually mature enough yet to accept the implications of what we have already seen?


"I Trust You" – More Difficult (and more powerful) than "I Love You"

In the utopian paradise of a spiritually enlightened world, “I love you” means much more than the expression of deep affection and attraction. It means “I trust you.”