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As promised, here are the results of the Dangerously Irrelevant 2007 Education Blogosphere Survey...

  1. I made a short Flash video describing the general findings (or you can download the PowerPoint file without my voice narration).
  2. I made a privacy-protected Excel file that you can download to do your own analysis.
  3. If you just want to read participants' responses but don't want to do any analysis, this subset of the Excel file is formatted for easy reading and printing. Just click on the different worksheet tabs at the bottom.
  4. Some info about the survey:

    • While the survey was a nonscientific, general request for all interested edubloggers to participate, there are some good (and interesting) data in there.
    • Results represent 160 education bloggers. I have no idea how many education bloggers there are total, so it's hard to know what proportion of the whole these 160 represent.
    • As I discuss in the video, it was neat to see fairly strong confirmation that, for most folks, blogs are not, in the words of one respondent, "narcissistic ventures" of self-publication but rather a powerful mechanism for communication, personal learning, and community-building. Blogging to build personal learning networks is as good a meme as any for folks who are unfamiliar with blogs.
    • Thanks to everyone who participated in and/or publicized this survey. I'd like to do this again next January with mostly different questions. If you have any questions or comments about the survey results, or have ideas or suggestions for next year, please contact me directly or leave them here as a comment.

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