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Penelope Trunk explains why she updated her Twitter feed with the news that she was having a miscarriage.

“I’m in a board meeting. Having a miscarriage. Thank goodness, because there’s a fucked-up three-week hoop-jump to have an abortion in Wisconsin,” Tweeted popular blogger and social networking site manager Penelope Trunk last week. The 42-year-old’s post caused uproar and she was inundated with criticism on her blog and asked probing questions by a CNN journalist. Here she explains her motivation: “People were shocked at my response to the miscarriage. But I was shocked by their outrage. I am not sure why people think there is a ‘correct’ emotion for miscarriages. For anything, really. Emotions are complicated. Sometimes people laugh in a crisis because they can’t control themselves. We know some men walk away during a fight we know some parents hit their kids when they love them. Pregnancies, too, are complicated. Something I knew when I wrote that tweet.”


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