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Questionable Facebook Presence? Clean It Up With This App

FaceWash is targeted towards soon-to-be college graduates looking for a quick way to scrub their less-than-PC activities.

What’s the Latest Development?

This week, Kent State University students Daniel Gur, Camden Fullmer, and David Steinberg launched a beta version of FaceWash, a Web-based app that searches through a user’s Facebook profile and flags any posts or pages that contain questionable content. That content can be identified using FaceWash’s own predefined list of items or a customized list. The app also provides direct links to the posts, allowing the user to hide or delete them individually. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Although anyone who’s concerned about their online profile could benefit from using FaceWash, it’s being targeted towards soon-to-be college graduates, for obvious reasons: “Wash away all those dirty little jokes and beer talk, those late night snapshots, those forgotten ‘likes.’ Keep track of all the dirt and grime that attaches to your social self.” Writer Stephanie Mlot tested it on her own profile and found that hers came up relatively clean: The flagged items contained “innocuous words either taken out of context or not rising above the level of ‘butt.'”

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