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Keeping Track Of Things, Using Stickers And Bluetooth

The Stick-N-Find app works with specially-made stickers that can be affixed onto keys, pets’ collars, and other items. With 39 days to go, its Indiegogo campaign has made almost double its goal.

What’s the Latest Development?

The latest high-tech solution to finding lost items may soon be Stick-N-Find, an app that helps users keep track of objects via Bluetooth. The “stick” part is a quarter-sized sticker that contains a battery. Any items with the sticker affixed to them — keys, TV remote controls, etc. — can then be found via the app, which displays a representation of the sticker on a kind of radar screen if the item is within 100 feet of the smartphone. It doesn’t show the exact direction to walk in, but a “Find It” feature can let the user know when the object is no longer in range, which should make locating it easier. 

What’s the Big Idea?

Not only is Stick-N-Find useful for finding inanimate objects, it has a feature that keeps track of animate objects as well. “Virtual Leash” allows users to specify a range of motion for an item and triggers an alert if that item — a pet’s collar or a child’s backpack, for example — moves out of range. The battery in the sticker lasts up to a year and is replaceable; in fact, it sends an alert to the app when it’s running low. As of today over $134,000 has been raised on Indiegogo for the Stick-N-Find, almost double its $70,000 goal. The first devices should be released by this March.

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