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Amazon Tapping into the Green Market

Amazon, known for selling everything from books to car parts, is venturing into the "green" sector with its website

What’s the Latest Development?

When thinking of a business that’s gone green, a first instinct would be to think of a local co-op or farmer’s market. Amazon, a company far from being considered green, is trying to tap into the market with its website On they sell many of the same green products you would find at your local co-op. While the definition of “green” or “natural” may vary, to be sold on the website “products must fall into one of the following categories: they must be designed to remove toxins, energy-efficient, natural, organic, powered by renewable energy, reusable, made of sustainable materials or water-efficient.”

What’s the Big Idea?

Although sells products that are more sustainable for the environment, the company isn’t necessarily entirely green. ““We’re not promising to be the greenest company right away,” said Josh Dorfman, the site leader. Individual packaging has its own set of concerns, with the amount of energy put into wrapping and shipping products stored in massive warehouses. “This is a site that is not necessarily about saving the planet, though we feel the products are useful in that regard,” said Mr. Dorfman. “It’s really saying to mom, ‘If you care about raising safe and healthy kids and you feel green products without chemicals can help along the way, we’ve figured out ways to help you do that.’”

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