This super-smart ball is changing how kids practice soccer and basketball

DribbleUp is the perfect solution to recess at home.

Credit: DribbleUp
  • DribbleUp's smart balls let you train alone at home.
  • You can choose between smart soccer and basketball.
  • There are live daily classes so it's easy to attend practice.
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Heading a Soccer Ball Causes Instant Brain Changes in Young Players

A new study finds that even one season of football can affect a child’s brain. But soccer isn’t safe, either. 

Most children are expected to play team sports, whether they are athletic or not. Usually, sports are thought to instill character traits like fair play, grit, teamwork, and hustle. Not only that, but in the US and indeed many nations around the world, childhood obesity is a serious and growing problem. You would think sports were the best way to combat this. Some studies have even pointed to physical activity and recess helping to soothe the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, depression, and more.

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