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Could the shift to remote working make tech more inclusive?

Taking the commute out of the picture just might make for more diverse teams.

  • Tech giants, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon, have already stated they'll be adapting company policies to allow for more remote working.
  • In the business software and tech infrastructure sectors, which are more in-demand than ever, it seems likely that recruiting will resume quickly, with companies seeking to fill specifically remote positions.
  • The tech sector has long suffered from a diversity problem, and remote working fosters a better culture of inclusivity.
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Aspects of cybersecurity not to overlook when working from home

Just because your team has gone remote doesn't mean you need to be vulnerable to hacks, breaches, and scams.

  • Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, many enterprises had yet to contemplate a mass work-from-home scenario and were therefore unprepared to support it securely.
  • There are practical steps you can take to safeguard confidentiality and cybersecurity with a WFH workforce.
  • Applying best security practices to test for vulnerabilities, supervise access controls and password management, secure connections, and apply endpoint encryption can go a long way.

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