Does it matter if there was a historical Jesus?

The message matters more than the man.

Credit: motortion/Adobe Stock
  • Early Christianity was a synthesis of Jewish and Greek ideas and rituals, though it's often presented as brand new.
  • Jesus's teachings can predominantly be traced back to earlier apocalyptic Judaism.
  • An important question persists: Is it the man or the message that really matters to modern Christians?
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How the World Lost the Fight to Separate Church and State

Religion influences politics more now than it did 50 years ago. Are we going forward or backward?

Religion influences politics more now than it did 50 years ago. To help explain how we moved seemingly backward from global secularism to increased religious involvement in public policy, Professor of International Politics Monica Duffy Toft explains the threefold story of failed modernization, democratization, and globalization, and how they propelled religious figures and ideas into the political arena once again. Monica Duffy Toft's work at the Center for Strategic Studies is made possible through funding from the Charles Koch Foundation. The Charles Koch Foundation aims to further understanding of how US foreign policy affects American people and societal well-being. Through grants, events, and collaborative partnerships, the Foundation is working to stretch the boundaries of foreign policy research and debate by discussing ideas in strategy, trade, and diplomacy that often go unheeded in the US capital. For more information, visit