How to boost your career in a ruthless job market

Sometimes the way to rise to the top is by moving sideways.

  • Modern jobs come with a tour of duty expectation — that is, you provide a certain commitment to the employer, and the employer provides a certain commitment to you, but it's not forever. After a few years, results and options are re-evaluated.
  • Rather than thinking of a career ladder, it's more important in the modern job market to view it as a career lattice — a grid. It's not always about moving up, sometimes it's about moving sideways or even down slightly. Why? That way you can cut across different specialties and see how they fit together.
  • One of the most important aspects about working at a company isn't just the money you are paid — it's about the experiences they give you and how they set you up for the future. On top of getting a raise, you should be mindful how an employer is trying to help you expand your horizons so that you can rise to the top of the lattice.
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