Was ‘Oumuamua a rock or an alien scout? Harvard astronomer talks controversial hypothesis in new book

Ari Loeb, who suggested in 2018 that the mysterious object was an alien craft, is back to discuss the evidence.

Credit: NASA/M. Kornmesser, European Southern Observatory/Big Think
  • 'Oumuamua is the first known object we've observed coming to our solar system from somewhere beyond it.
  • Most experts think it was just a very odd rock, but not everyone is so sure.
  • Harvard astronomer Ari Loeb says the evidence is more consistent with it having been a light-sail spacecraft.
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Stand by the launch: The world's 1st orbiting light sail

An elegant, 400-year-old means of navigating the stars takes flight.

Image source: Planetary Society
  • The Planetary Society is about to launch LightSail 2, a crowdfunded light sail craft.
  • LightSail 2 uses photons from the sun as fuel.
  • Space X's Falcom Heavy rocket will carry LightSail 2 aloft, 720 kilometers up.
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