Commute wearing you out? Try looking at this

The secret to a calmer trip to work could be hidden in plain sight.

With an unfortunate abundance of traffic jams and train delays, getting to and from work can sometimes be a job in itself — and a stressful one at that. But your surroundings might just hold the solution you've been looking for.

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This Plane Can Go from New York to London in 20 Minutes

The Antipode may one day revolutionize your commute. It would be 10 times faster than the Concorde and take you across the ocean before you could finish an episode of The Simpsons

Image by Abhishek Roy

Charles Bombardier, an accomplished Canadian engineer, has a designed a concept plane called the Antipode that could travel as fast as 18,264 miles per hour – about ten times faster than the Concorde and 24 times the speed of sound. He remarked, “‘The idea of going from New York to London in, say 20 minutes – that’s what I think really grabbed people.” Indeed, such infrastructure would make a casual commute across the ocean as feasible as a train-ride across Washington DC.

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