The social brain: Culture, change and evolution | A Big Think Long Take

Bret Weinstein says that we're at the end of a massive technological and geographic boom, and that we should prepare for the next step in our societal evolution. Yet the future may not be optimistic for all. A cultural backlash to change, he says, is inevitable.

In this wide-ranging talk, controversial professor Bret Weinstein covers several topics: politics, technology, and tribalism, just to name a few. But ultimately the former Biology professor at Evergreen College talks with us about why this particular decade is so interesting. Given the explosive growth of the 20th century, he argues that we've come to the end of that particular boom and have just started searching frantically to keep the pace that we've come to expect. When that change doesn't come, Weinstein posits that we search for scapegoats, turn inwards, and start to attack ourselves. And that's paraphrasing just some of the half-hour talk we have for you.