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Surprising Science

Yoga, More Reasons To Do It

A new study comparing yoga practitioners and habitual exercisers found that the former had a lower prevalence of joint pain and headaches, better coping skills, and more…

What’s the Latest Development?

Various studies have shown short-term physical and psychological benefits from yoga. Now new research has compared long-time practitioners of yoga to habitual exercisers. “The yoga practitioners reported lower prevalence of joint pain and headaches than those who engaged in cardiovascular exercise and weight training. They also had higher scores for mindfulness and coping skills, and lower scores for perceived stress, compared with the exercise group.” 

What’s the Big Idea?

Instructor at The George Washington University in the School of Public Health and Health Services, Brittanie DeChino, who led the research team, says “the enduring and specific benefits of yoga to mindfulness and consequent stress reduction should be emphasized in community-based health promotion strategies.”


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