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Digital Music’s Legality In Question

Amazon getting the jump on Google and Apple with the launch of its digital music locker service has prompted closer looks at legality and whether licenses should be paid for streaming.

Mike Masnick on Amazon’s launch of the Digital Music Locker: “Well, this could get interesting. While there are already a few digital music lockers on the market — including services like MP3Tunes and MeCanto — there’s been plenty of talk over the past few months about the ‘big players’ entering the market. Most of the focus has been on both Apple (which bought and shut down the music locker service Lala) and Google, but Amazon beat both companies to the starting line and launched its service a few hours ago. The question that’s most interesting to me is whether or not it’s paying for licenses, and at this point, it’s unclear.”

iCloud music service, iTunes in the Cloud, will let users do more with their iTunes digital music than they have been able to do before. Why not streaming? Here’s the backstory.

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