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Strange Maps

336 – McZealand

Fast food chains generally don’t have a good rep when it comes to healthy, eco-conscious dining. There is some re-branding going on, though, like at McDonald’s, which is moving heaven and earth to project itself as lean and green instead of mean.

This is how they do it in New Zealand, reports Mark Whybird: “This is what appeared on my tray. The fry in the middle is not real – it is printed on to the paper, and bent into a shape resembling this country, New Zealand. Here’s the text of the caption: Last year over 95% of the produce we used was grown right here in New Zealand. Our fries, for instance, are made from the highest quality Russet Burbank potatoes grown on Canterbury farms. Take a fresh look.
New Zealand is one of the more easily recognisable countries on a blind world map, owing to its distinct composition of a North and South Island. This iconic shape must invite use in all manner of design — but to have your country represented as a French fry? If I were a kiwi, I don’t know whether I would be amused or offended…
Thanks to Mr Whybird for sending in this picture.


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