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Starts With A Bang

The Quantum Rule That Makes Existence Possible

A new podcast, to cover an incredible story of why we can exist at all.

“Already in my original paper I stressed the circumstance that I was unable to give a logical reason for the exclusion principle or to deduce it from more general assumptions. I had always the feeling, and I still have it today, that this is a deficiency.” –Wolfgang Pauli

At a fundamental level, everything we know of in this Universe is made of the same few fundamental particles: quarks, gluons, electrons and photons, which combine to give us atoms, which in turn make up all the molecules, cells, organs and living creatures inhabiting our world today. But how do we go from these tiny scales where everything looks so similar to the huge diversity of what exists at a larger, more macroscopic scale?

The secret is encoded in a single quantum rule that governs how it all works: the Pauli exclusion principle. Come get the scoop here on the latest Starts With A Bang podcast!

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