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Starts With A Bang

The Future Of Gravitational Wave Astronomy

A new Starts With A Bang podcast brings on an expert for an unforgettable conversation.

Once a month, as part of our Patreon, we put together a podcast on a scientific topic you might not get to dive in-depth into otherwise. This month is special, as we near the next rewards tier.

I’m so pleased to welcome Dr. Erin MacDonald to the Starts With A Bang podcast, as we discuss the future of Gravitational Wave astronomy. From pulsars to merging black holes, to kilonovae to hopes of observing gravitational wave signatures from the earliest moments of the Universe, we cover a whole lot of astrophysics, cosmology, and experimental hopes for the near future in this burgeoning new field of astronomy.

The future of gravitational wave science is so bright, even without the collection of any light. Come learn all about it today!

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