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Starts With A Bang

New podcast, on String Theory and Quantum Gravity, is live!

Do we need quantum gravity? We sure do… and here’s how we’re trying to get there!

Our current best theories describing the Universe, general relativity for gravity, quantum field theory for electromagnetism and the nuclear forces, do a fantastic job independently and together. But there are fundamental questions that go unanswered if we take these as the final answers. What happens to the gravitational field of an electron passing through a double slit? What happens to the information on a black hole’s surface when it decays? And what happens close by a gravitational singularity? Without a quantum theory of gravity, we can’t know.

Yet we’re on a path to try and figure it out! Where are we, and how far do we have to go? Find out, on this edition of the Starts With A Bang podcast!


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