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Mastercard Commercial/Time with children

Mother & father argue over child support/time with child father improves

Mother & father argue over child support (father doesn’t pay)Scene 2: Mother & daughter shop for dress…..Voice Over: the perfect dress $30Scene 3: Daughter having fun, Middle School, buying ticket to dance ….. Voice Over: First dance $10Scence 4: Mother and daughter at salon, daughter getting hair braided/mother talking,calmly on cell phone to dad….. Voice Over: The perfect hairstyle $150Scene 5: Daughter at dance getting heart broke by the boy she likes.Scence 6:Daughter ,very sad, walking into parking lot.Dad waiting to pick her up,stading by car,daughter pauses runs into dads arms … Voice Over: Being there, priceless   

If Mona Lisa is the smile, Madame Cézanne is the scowl. Hortense Fiquet, Paul Cézanne’s model turned mistress turned mother of his child turned metaphorical millstone around his neck, endures as a standard art history punch line—the muse whose misery won immortality through the many masterpiece portraits done of her. Or at least that’s how the joke usually goes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s current exhibition Madame Cézanne, which gathers together 24 of the 29 known portraits Cézanne painted of Hortense over a period of more than 20 years, tries to rewrite that joke as it hopes to solve the riddle of Madame Cézanne, aka, The Case of the Miserable Muse.
It was a fact that on Planet Xeron 12, the gods ate small children. It wasn’t that these celestial highness’s gained extraordinary powers or insights from the experience–small people simply tasted good. Naja Krait wasn’t about to lose her only child to the greedy, Elysian mouths.   

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