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Craig Kabot

Subaru Forester 2.5XT Limited While this fresh Forester isn’t perfect, our criticisms may seem insignificant to compact SUV shoppers. The slow-witted four-speed transmission makes the turbocharged engine feel less powerful than it is, for example, but the 2.5XT Limited is nonetheless quick enough for most tastes. As-tested price is another issue, but if you can do without our tester’s navigation system and luxurious appointments, the base Forester 2.5XT stickers for a more palatable K. One unequivocal shortcoming is fuel mileage: The aforementioned Toyota is appreciably more efficient while delivering similarly brisk acceleration. (Nyc Parts – Wednesday 13 August 2008) Nycparts : BMW 1 Series 135i Convertible Who Should Buy This Vehicle? If you love to drive, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good time in most any BMW convertible. But if you 1) feel that the still-capable 3 Series convertible has gotten too big, 2) are intrigued by the idea of the familiar 300-hp twin-turbo engine in a smaller car and 3) can put up with a tighter rear seat, then you may find the 135i ragtop tantamount to convertible nirvana. Craig Kabot Test Drive: 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Camry 2.0 — Less Fuel, More Power It’s a question that 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid drivers are bound to hear — and frankly, it’s one we initially struggled with ourselves. After all, the Prius gets 12 more combined miles per gallon (46 versus 34) according to the EPA, and it boasts a more versatile hatchback layout while offering comparable passenger room. Its base price is also about ,000 lower. And hey, [insert your favorite celebrity’s name here] drives one. (Saturday 18 July 2009 : Nyc Parts Craig Kabot Nycparts


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