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Zachary Tumin

Deputy Commissioner, Strategic Initiatives at New York Police Department

Zachary Tumin is the Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Initiatives at the New York Police Department and former Special Project Assistant to the Director of the Science, Technology and Public Policy program at Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs . He leads the Information and Communications Technology project and directs the Harvard component of a joint Harvard/MIT cybersecurity initiative.

Tumin has written extensively about the strategic management of collaboration. With former NYPD and LAPD Chief William Bratton, Tumin is the co-author of "Collaborate or Perish! Reaching Across Boundaries in a Networked World," published by Random House in 2012. He is the lead author on numerous articles, white papers, and reports, including Harvard Business Review’s “Viral By Design: Teams in the Networked World” and the Kennedy School’s “From Government 2.0 to Society 2.0: Pathways to Engagement, Collaboration and Transformation.”

Tumin is a sought-after adviser on collaboration strategy and has worked closely with senior executives in industry and government. He is past executive director of the Financial Services Technology Consortium. He served as staff to Boston Mayor Kevin H. White, District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman in Brooklyn, and two New York City schools Chancellors as director of the city’s Division of School Safety, the nation’s seventh largest police force.

Tumin earned his B.A. in philosophy cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, his Master's in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and his Master's in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.