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William Chrisholm

I am a college student studying philosophy and also english/sociology/humans. Basically, humans and their craziness fascinate me, and I have ideas on just about every facet of them. I am also rather egotistical, which is why I refer to humans as “them”, in that I feel separate from them.

I believe that humanity is moving towards a point where your ideas will define who you are, in the same way that who and what you were used to define you. It used to be that strong people worked, intelligent people managed, and you moved up in the world by improving your qualities, either mental or physical. So in the future, we will move up in the world because of what we think. And the best way to strengthen our ideas is to put them out there for others to comment on, to pit ourselves and our ideas against the ideas of others, to face criticism and critique and either change our ideas or argue for them.

Another aspect of my egotistical nature is that I tend to believe I am always right, and will fight for what I believe is true. And if I happen to believe some things that the majority do not understand, that just means I will have more fun trying to prove myself to everyone else.