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Nicole Lockridge

I'm an unemployed married mother of 2 seeking sense in the world.  I have an MBA in health administration, but that is way too narrow of a catagorization to define me.  I care deeply about the world around me and the way I influence it and it, in turn, influences me and my version of the world.  I constantly strive for enlightenment.  Knowledge is one key to bettering the world and ourselves.  Another is understanding.  As we become a globalized society, understanding of other cultures is vital.  No other culture is willing to sacrifice their history and traditions for us and we would never do that for anyone else.  I would like to somehow find a way to meld the different cultures of the world into global goals.  I think the key is to find similarities and build on those, instead of point out the differences and assign fault.  We are different from culture to culture as well as from generation to generation.  There are positive qualities to discover and with good communication skills and appreciation for others we can find solutions to problems that effect us locally and globally.