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Nader Tehrani

M.I.T. Architecture Professor
Nader Tehrani is a tenured Professor of Architecture at Massachusetts Institutern of Technology and a principal at the Boston-based architecture firm, Office dA. He has also taught at the Harvard Graduate School rnof Design, Rhode Island School of Design, and Georgia Institute of rnTechnology, where he served as the Thomas W. Ventulett III Distinguishedrn Chair in Architectural Design. In the academic context, Nader Tehrani has focused on research rnsurrounding materials, methods of aggregations, geometry and the rnadvancement of digital fabrication. His participation in the rnImmaterial/Ultra-material Exhibition at Harvard's GSD is also paralleledrn by his installations at the Museum of Modern Art, Boston ICA, and rnGeorgia Tech, investigating new means and methods of fabrication in rnwood, steel, rope and polycarbonate. As a principal at Office dA he has received numerous international awards. Office dA’s work in green, sustainable design includes Helios House, a rnsustainable power station in Los Angeles, and the Macallen building, a rn144 unit condominium in Boston. Office dA has also worked on the rnTongxian Arts Center in Beijing, the Elemental community project in rnChile, and the Villa Moda Competition in Kuwait.