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Michael Schatz

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Biology, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Michael Schatz is an assistant professor of quantitative biology at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, where he heads the Schatz Lab, and an adjunct professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University.

His research focuses on the development of scalable algorithms and systems to analyze DNA sequences, concentrating on the assembly and alignment of next generation sequencing reads, and related downstream analyses. These systems have been used to reconstruct the genomes of previously unsequenced organisms, probe sequence variations, and to explore a host of biological features across the tree of life. He is particularly interested in capitalizing on the latest advances in distributed and parallel computing to advance the state of the art in bioinformatics and genomics. 

Michael Schatz: So in autism, I collaborate with some folks at Cold Spring Harbor Lab where we’re participating in a project that’s been sponsored by the Simons Foundation.  And the […]
So one of my other major interests is this computational problem called genome assembly.  So the genome again is this large molecule, but the way we can sequence it are […]