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Martin From NY

Hi I am Martin. I am a video editor. I am 10+ year veteran in the New York Film and Television community. I was extremely skeptical as I am sure a lot of you were when the network marketing opportunity crossed your path, but my adventurous, curious side is the only thing that saved me from not missing the chance of a lifetime. I realized that in my primary line of business, video editing, the terrain is just as, if not more, tormenting to an individuals endurance, drive and passion. And through it all I managed to stay afloat in the rough stormy waters which built up my endurance, drive and passion. I think a lot of people no matter what there career, see these right sets of circumstances and condition themselves to refuse the opportunities available to them because it would mean a possible change in routine. Routine of activity, routine of beliefs, routine of comfort. And change scares people. Especially when you get older and wear and tear of life programs you to FALL IN LINE. A certain way to think. A certain way to feel. Let's all give a round of applause to the mass media for that. I believe change can be good. If change means you get a step closer to your dreams of independence, why not go for it? If what your doing only pays the bills and leaves you with little money leftover, but even more saddening, leaves you with an empty feeling inside, why not do something about it? Isn't it worth it to at least get up and reach for your goals rather than to never try at all? Who knows, they may be within your grasp. But you would never know until you do something about it. I'm offering you the chance to do something about it. People often say "network marketing is no good, they're all scams!". Those same people also said the world was flat until they were proven wrong. Prove those people wrong! Because the truth is the world IS NOT flat and all network marketing IS NOT a scam. Just like any business there is some good and some bad. But just like most things people put the magnifying glass on the BAD. If I was worried about the proportion of good to bad in the entertainment industry I would have never even thought of that as a career. But I focused on my passion to create, which outweighed the bad. And you should focus on your passion for independence, or success or whatever it is to accomplish the same. Check out my videos at Thank you for your time