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Karl Castan

I am an Australian male. Married, no kids. Work in an IT Support role within the Retail Sector.   I live in Sydney, NSW. I believe in the old fashion notion that your are innocent until proven guilty and that it is up to the police to prove that you are guilty.   I am also hold the view that the economy is not there for the sole purpose of making individuals rich. Rather the economy is the means by which we provide the means by which we can live and re-produce. This does not mean that you cannot be rich. What it means is that no every decision in life has to be made with the primacy of the economy ranking above all other concerns.   I have no idea if global warming is fact or fiction. I look at it like this - we have been collecting significant data for such a short period of time, that it is hard to know what is genuine change and what is cylical patterns. This of cousrse does not mean we should do nothing. Cutting back on fossil fuel use is a good idea. Plenty of things to do.