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Dr. Joy Hirsch

Neuroscientist, Columbia University

Joy Hirsch, Professor of Psychiatry and of Neurobiology, has established and directs the Research in the Brain Function Laboratory at Yale University.  According to its websiteResearch in the Brain Function Laboratory  has "made fundamental contributions to understanding the neural processes for cognitive control that enable flexible goal directed behaviors including the resolution of conflict". 

Dr. Hirsch joined Yale from Columbia and, before that, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and the Weill College of Medicine at Cornell University where she founded the fMRI laboratory and pioneered the introduction of brain-mapping procedures for neurosurgical planning. Using fMRI, her laboratory made fundamental contributions to the understanding of sensation and perception, language and the cognitive processes, and brain regions that are modified by specific drugs. These initial studies were built upon research done by Dr. Hirsch as a professor at Yale University School of Medicine, where she focused on the cortical mechanisms directly involved in human visual processing, serving as a foundation to connect the advantages of fMRI to ongoing and new research directions at Columbia University.

Hirsch is also a curator of The Brain: The Inside Story on view at the American Museum of Natural History.


I always wanted to push the boundaries.  There was always a ‘why.’  So if somebody gave me an answer, I wanted to know why that was so. 
The current research that is most exciting is aimed toward understanding how the brain looks now at the connectivity between specific areas.