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Jason Hreha

Director of Product, Quixey

Jason is currently Director of Product at Quixey, which acquired his startup,, in 2014. Previously, he was a researcher for BJ Fogg in the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, where he created the world’s first taxonomy of human behavior, complete with comprehensive strategies. This was used as the applied psychology framework for the World Economic Forum in Davos (2011). In recent years, he has been a collaborator with Dan Ariely, behavioral economist and author of New York Times best seller Predictably Irrational. He is a User Experience Advisor for 500 Startups and a mentor for the Thiel Foundation’s 20 Under 20 Program. He studied neuroscience at Stanford University.

In my last post, I talked a bit about the fundamental purpose of technology: reducing uncertainty. Uncertainty is a double edged sword in the human experience – it provides us […]