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Jaan Tallinn

Computer Programmer, Skype and Kazaa

Jaan Tallinn is an Estonian programmer widely celebrated for writing the peer-to-peer engines of Kazaa and Skype. In addition to his activities at Skype, he is partner and cofounder of the development company called Bluemoon.
Jaan is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on P2P technologies and is often credited for helping to establish Estonia’s global reputation for world class software and engineering talent. As a result of Kazaa and Skype, he currently holds the world’s record for the largest number of software downloads at almost 500 million. 
In 1989, he helped create Kosmonaut, the first Estonian computer game to be published outside his country. In 1996, he graduated from the University of Tartu with a BSc in Theoretical Physics. His thesis involved travelling interstellar distances using warps in space-time.

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