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Harry Massey

Writer, director & entrepreneur

Harry Massey, the founder of the global Choice Point Movement (,) is a highly successful writer, director, entrepreneur, and visionary. He is the filmmaker behind The Choice Point Movie and the  well-received 2009 film, The Living Matrix: A New Science of Healing.He also co-authored the book CHOICE POINT: Align Your Purpose (Hay House).  Previously, Massey co-founded NES Health Limited (, a company dedicated to furthering a 21st-century system of natural holistic health care based on integrating physics and biology. He has created several leading-edge health-related technologies, including the NES miHealth. His passion for changing the face of health care arose from his own health challenge as he sought to overcome a serious illness in his youth. . For more on Choice Point, to see the movie free and to join the movement, go to: