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Geneva Lorraine Fiore

There really was nothing in the list of professions that fit me. I am indefinable. That makes me sad sometimes, but not for myself. First and foremost, I am a writer. I suppose everything else is defined by that. I am a student now and forever. That is, if I can find a way to stay. Scratch that, even if I have to leave school at some point, I will still be a student forever. As far as actually making a living? Well, I don't make much of one. Maybe one day I'll have a book on the best sellers list and be doing fine but in the meantime I work random and tedious jobs. I'm trying to start a little business of my own working hoodoo for people and I'm quite good. Trained in New Orleans. But any new business is slow going. I also volunteer at a wildlife rehabilitation hospital. I'm very moody and I love to argue. Sometimes it's hard to tell if I really believe something or if I'm just playing Devil's Advocate. Sometimes I, myself, can't tell. I am a woman of extremes. Sometimes two opposite extremes at once. I would (and often do) call myself a cynical, alcoholic, chain-smoking, bipolar writer. But then again, I would also call myself a devotional, fun-loving, eccentric romantic. Go figure.