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Frank Corless

Many years ago I was tested as having a highly abstract mind.  I grew up believing a lot of what others told me and added a lot of my own mis-perception to the mix.  Ended up messing myself up with a lot of mistakes.  Some might call it sin.  Got pretty depressed and dysfunctional but finally getting through it by opening up my mind and learning to see differently.  Getting less judgmental and seeing more hope.  Finding I'm concentrating less on telling the details of my story which really only served to push people away and only ever gave temporary satisfaction.  Now I find the little gems in synchronicity, perception shifts, forgiveness and generally just a good grain of self acceptance leading me through the grace of God. I have a Yahoo 360 blog that has gotten a bit of attention from Yahoo and has brought me in touch with many from around the world which is helping me see the similarities we humans share.  There is a quote I use there that I don't know the originator of but will thank because it sums me up. It is...."I'm rather like a mosquito in a nudist camp.  I know what I like but don't know where to start"    The truth is I start a lot and taste a lot.  Haven't quite put it all together yet but see it is starting to gel a bit here and there.