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Farhana Qazi

Political Analyst, Public Speaker & Writer, Senior Pakistan Lecturer for the U.S. Government, Booz Allen & Hamilton

For over a decade, Ms. Qazi has been the most prominent American Muslim woman to examine conflicts at home and abroad. Her travels to South Asia, which include Pakistan and the disputed region of Kashmir, as well as to other Islamic countries to assess patterns of conflict has made her an internationally-recognized expert. Based on her knowledge of current events, Ms. Qazi advises U.S. policymakers, appears regularly in the media, and is a frequent speaker at U.S. government events and international conferences.

In recognition of her efforts, Ms. Qazi was selected by The National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) in New York to receive the 21st Century Leader Award. Currently, Ms. Qazi is a Senior Instructor on the AFPAK Regional Training Team. She designs multiple courses on Islamic civilization and all-things-Pakistan for U.S. government analysts and officers.

Ms. Qazi is widely published and quoted in media around the world. Her editorial titled “Where is the Revolt in Pakistan?” for Reuters in May 2011 received international attention. Other publications, including “Dressed to Kill” in Newsweek alarmed the U.S. Embassy and Multi-National Force in Baghdad.

Her articles and reviews have appeared in The New York Times, The New York Post, The International Herald Tribune, Foreign Policy, Newsweek, The Middle East Times, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Oxford Analytica, Reuters, CTC Sentinel, Dawn, United Press International Associated Press, Globe and Mail, Emirates Today, The Wall Street Journal, McClatchy Newspapers, The Austin American Statesman, The Baltimore Sun, The Council on Foreign Relations, and more. She also writes for academic journals in the United States and Pakistan.