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Erick R Wilk

I'm a recent academic theactrical designer and technical director who is in the process of changing to my new passion. That passion is an outgrowth of my previous passion the theatre. My new passion is neuroscience, more specifically social neuroscience and most specifically our imaginations, which played the bigggest role in my previous passion.  What I want to do is discover the what, where, when and how we, as humans, developed an imagination. Why are we the only species on this planet with a dermonstrated and verifyable imagination? Is an imagination inevitable for other species or will we always be the only species to have and use an imagination?  And finally, in the long run is an imagination good for our species or will we abuse it to the point that nature will have to arrange our demise to re-set the biosphere to an imaginless state? We need to learn the power of our imaginations to inhance the biosphere and not to accelerate its distruction by using one facit of our imaginations, greed.