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Eric Djebe

Born 1951 in Germany, german father, US mother, spent some toddler years in Wisconsin. Background from fathers side a deep historical & therefor critical understanding of catholicism, later very advanced enviromental thinking. From mothers side old fashioned mid-western liberalism. Me: PhD in philosophy, specialty formal logic & theory of science. More then 20 years in a small software company, lastly in leading positions, shouldered out by the owners. Now  president of a german NGO of academics in precarious employment ( I wrote 3 books on the deep foundations of christian faith, taking into account all of the available scientific and historical data. I have ardent fans among the editors of several publishing houses (e.g. Random House), but their bosses doubt the sellability of novel ideas on religion here in Germany. The weirdest thing that happened to me was one of them throwing me out of bed on saturday morning with a phone call and going on for about ten minutes about my absolutely fantastic work. Punch line: He practically laughed at me when I asked him wether he would publish it. No way! Much too challenging.