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David Gawron


David John Gawron

Author of

Manifest Synergy: The Golden Rule Patriot


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In 2007, I self published Manifest Synergy: The Golden Rule Patriot. "Golden Rule Patriots Unite! Roar to the powers that be: “’Tear down this Wall’ of Conglomerate Power and Control!” Consumers and small investors, farmers and employees: We are Co-Investors and Economic Citizens of Corporate Enterprises! We invest careers, incomes, foodstuffs, savings, and pensions in corporations. Demand ‘Investment with Representation’ in Constitutional Corporations. Elect Representatives to Corporate Boards of Directors. 

 Tax Investors, assert power to govern bureaucracy! Convene Citizens’ Juries of Accountability, boards comprised of taxpayers and the people an agency is tasked to serve, to assert citizen oversight of each agency of government.

End Conglomerism‘s domination of government, the economy, and culture. Assert Freedom of Expression, New Laws of the Land, Economic Liberty Amendments—Freedom of Economic Philosophy: The right of all persons to practice the economic philosophy of their choice, a right mirroring Freedom of Religion. Equality of Rights for Free Enterprise: The right of all enterprises to equality of treatment and equal enforcement of the law by government.

Manifest Fair Election Campaigns! Institute Equality of Media Access: Insure voters see all candidates: Ensure equal media and ad space on the air and in print to every contending candidate on the ballot for each elected office.

Proclaim Patriotism disciplined by the Golden Rule: Respect yourself and respect others as you respect yourself. Patriotism, actualized by Love of fellow human beings and of yourself, by Love of nation and of Earth, is the foundation for creating peaceful, prosperous, and ecological civilizations."  

It is 2008 and I am 53. The past 19 years I have worked as a social worker. I have provided substance abuse treatment, served as a mediator/investigator to settle disputes concerning parenting time and child custody, and worked as a client services manager for community mental health. Previously, I worked as a machine operator at a small business machine shop and at a conglomerate-owned unionized factory. 

 I am a political animal. I have studied non-violent struggle and war. I studied political science and history