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Dan Savage

Columnist, "Savage Love"

Dan Savage writes the internationally syndicated relationship and sex advice column "Savage Love." Savage has been outspoken in his support for gay rights and his hostility for social conservatives. In 2010 he and his husband Terry launched the "It Get Better Project" in response to a rash of suicides among LGBT teenagers. The project encourages gay LGBT adults to record videos for victims of bullying with the simple message that life gets better after high school. Savage is also the author of several books including "The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family."

Sex existed on this planet hundreds of millions of years before homo sapiens came along and it will exist long after we’re gone and sex runs our lives. 
If the Bible got slavery wrong, something as easy and obvious, a moral outrage, the odds that the Bible got something as complicated as human sexuality wrong is pretty high.