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Bill Frisell

Jazz Guitarist
Bill Frisell is an American guitarist and composer. One of the leading guitarists in jazz since the late '80s, Frisell's eclectic music touches on progressive folk, classical music, country music, noise and more. He is known for using an array of effects (delay, distortion, reverb, octave shifters, and volume pedals, to name a few) to create unique sounds from his instrument. Bill has performed on dozens of recordings as a sideman, featured player or co-leader. In 1994, Frisell recorded a pair of recordings of music that he composed for three silent Buster Keaton films. Frisell's success with the Keaton films has led him to other film-related projects. He also scored the music for Gary Larson's "Tales From the Far Side" animated television special and Danile Luchetti's Italian feature film, "La Scuola."