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Parag and Ayesha Khanna

Co-Founders, The Hybrid Reality Institute

Parag and Ayesha are Directors of the Hybrid Reality Institute, which explores the implications of our complex and irreversible tango with science and technology. Parag is the author of The Second World and How To Run the World. Ayesha has written Straight Through Processing.
Twitter: @paragkhanna and @ayeshakhanna1

What if you stayed at a hotel and never saw a soul apart from the other people staying at the establishment. You could stroll in and self check-in at kiosks at the front […]
Every now and then, you’ll meet someone who loves physical books. Maybe you’re that person. But increasingly the p-book (physical book) lover is a minority. Ever since Amazon released the Kindle, […]
GUEST POST BY DANIEL MOORE Next week, the University of Chicago, will open the Joe and Rika Mansueto Library. The library sits as an addition to the Regenstein Library, next […]
In order to grapple with the future, we must first take a big step back and understand the historical pattern of technology disruptions. The story begins by recalling the original […]
Reflections on Rapture, Ecstasy, and Technology BY JASON SILVA “All things physical are information-theoretic in origin, and this is a participatory universe.”. – John Archibald Wheeler Sober, immersive reading is […]
GUEST POST BY JASON SILVA Alan Harrington eloquently wrote in The Immortalist that we should all strive to remain, “uncompromising child-voyagers andretain a child’s eye view of what might be”… And isn’t this what we’ve […]
Jason Silva, media personality, Singularity enthusiast and Fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute, recently interview Barry Ptolemy who directed the documentary Transcendent Man. Check out this fun and informal interview […]
Last week in NYC, we attended the Economist's summit on “Intelligent Infrastructure,” which covered investment issues, new technologies, scenarios for urban growth, and sociological questions about the future role of the city.
Turkle rightly asserts that such familial association is what we will all come to have with machines, and that children are the only ones who understand it right from the start. Children recognize the powerful magnetism of robots that are programmed to respond to human affection (by purring, chatting, batting eye lashes and so forth). Some of them say that they would like to give a robot as a companion to their grandparents, but worry that the grandparents might prefer the robot to them in the long run.
The world’s largest Massive Multi-Player Game isn’t World of Warcraft, The Sims, or Happy Farm. In fact, it’s not even online. It is the most ancient of arts: diplomacy. Diplomacy, as the […]