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Arthur Konstantino

Hello, I am Art. I am 53 and glad I have lived this long so far. My goal is to live beyond 150. I realized about 2 years ago that my thoughts were evolving for the better. I also realized that religion constricted my philosophical process. During the evolution of my change, I began to realize that the quality of my life was not predetermined by my stature in society, but by my parental upbringing. I did not understand who I really was until I fully understood who my parents were and what conditions I was created under. We are not all created through an act of love. Some of us are made by accidents such as the man putting in the semen when he does not even want to father a child. My silly mother wanted to be single and live the life of the "Roaring 20's." So there were 3 of us guys born to a woman that really wanted to be single. She was bitter most of her life and softened 3 years before her death at 66. I chose minimal contact with her because of the burning rage inside of her. Well here I am in January 2008 and I can honestly say that I am 1 very happy man. My wife and I love each other and are committed to making changes in ourselves that we know will affect those around us. We have learned that if we go out in public when we are mad at each other, people know it and they get grumpy too. My wife had a traumatic closed head brain injury in 1981. The medical report says that 1/3 of her brain is not functional. Well, we just keep eating as wisely as we can hoping that we will avoid disease and remain healthy and happy. We met in February of 2000 and married on September 11th of 2002. We wholeheartedly believe that if everyone could learn to pay attention to their thoughts and understand the origin of those thoughts, people could lose weight, fall in love, do good unto others and for once make America a land of love and opportunity. America has many great people in it. We have the potential to be a great nation. We must change the way we think about our families and government. We must understand each other. Men must understand the onslaught of hormonal changes in their women. Men must try to be kind, compassionate and patient when it comes to their women. Our women sometimes hold the key to our happiness in this world. As for me, when my wife is happy and content, we have great times together. When she is in her time or is unhappy with her family, we have difficult times. This is an emotional roller coaster that drives me crazy sometimes, but I survive. When the two weeks is over, she gets to be a little more happy and we move on for the next two weeks having fun. So as you can see, women have been a curse and a blessing in my life. Now that I understand the pain they have, I can now have a different appreciation for them. We have chosen to eat primarily a vegetable based diet of fresh and cooked food. I learn from Dr. McDougall and Dr. Fuhrman. They are both very profound in their research and have helped me to realize that my personal sense of wellness is largely based on my food intake. We feel great and seem to be happier on a vegetable oriented diet. We do stay in shape. We do not eat organic. There used to be a day that when I was stressed out, I would gravitate toward meat, cheese, sugar, milk, tobacco and alcohol! That was one deadly elixir for me that I thought would never change. I invite you to see things my way. I believe your life can change for the better. Money is not a determining factor when it comes to health and happiness. I have been on both sides. I am convinced that my food choices affect my brain chemistry which affects my thoughts which affects my relationship which affects my friends which affects my society and ultimately the "WORLD!" If this world is going to be eternal in this universe, then we must all be careful and responsible thinkers. We must never be complacent and undecided. We must forge our way ahead in progressive thought. I used to think I was the first to figure certain things out.