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Alan Rosenblatt

Since 1993, Alan Rosenblatt (@DrDigipol) has been at the cutting edge of digital politics. Alan is a frequent speaker, consultant and author on digital and social media, advocacy and political strategy. Alan served as the associate director for online advocacy at the Center for American Progress, where he developed and launched its social media and advocacy program (2007-2013) and has pioneered social advocacy strategy for issue and political campaigns. Prior to joining American Progress in 2007, he was a political science professor at George Mason University (1991-2000) and then an internet advocacy consultant at Stateside Associates, e-Advocates and then at his own firm, the Internet Advocacy Center, where he founded the Internet Advocacy Roundtable in 2005. Alan is also an adjunct professor at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, Gonzaga and American Universities, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on digital political strategy and internet advocacy. In addition to blogging at, he writes about digital politics and other musings at Alan also posts an occasional article to,, and

Alan is a co-founder of Media Bureau Networks (MBN) in Philadelphia, where he helped lead its effort to provide daily live-streamed programming and coverage from the 2000 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. He is a former fellow at George Washington University’s Institute for Politics, Democracy, and the Internet. While on the faculty at George Mason University, Alan taught the world’s first course on internet politics in the spring of 1995. He has trained 10's of thousands of activists and professionals in the art and science of online and social advocacy around the world, including new media directors at U.S. cabinet departments and civil society organizers across the Middle East. Alan holds a Ph.D. in political science from American University. Find him across the social web using his personal handle DrDigipol, including @DrDigipol on Twitter and for TakeActionNews on Twitter at @TakeActionNews.

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