You know who else has a problem with police brutality? Russia.

Police violence is experienced by a large proportion of Russians. Is America going the way of its geopolitical foe?

You know who else has a problem with police brutality? Russia.
Still from the 2017 police raid on a Yelets, Russia nightclub.

The growing spate of police brutality incidents in the United States lays bare the racial and socioeconomic tensions within our society. In 2017, the police killed 1,147 American citizens, according to the Mapping Police Violence report. Officers were charged with a crime in just 13 of these cases - about 1% of all killings. Considering the fact that a disproportionate number of those killed by the cops were people of color, and that the police spend 7 times as many hours training to shoot people than they do to de-escalate situations, it’s no surprise this situation calls for reform. 

The problem is not limited by race, either, as this disturbing video of a New Jersey beachgoer getting pummeled by the police shows:

I was sleeping on the beach and I woke up to this.. i can’t believe it..

— Lexy (@HewittLexy) May 26, 2018

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