Leaders in Learning

Back in March I posted that I was a

finalist for the cable industry's Leaders in Learning Awards

. Last Wednesday

I was

officially named a winner

. I spent four days in Washington, DC schmoozing with my

Congressional representatives, media bigwigs, and cable executives. It was a

very surreal experience in many ways. We college professors don't usually get to

hobnob with the rich and famous.

Anyway, I had a blast meeting the other award recipients and appreciated the recognition of the work my co-director, Dr. Joan Hughes, and I are doing

at CASTLE. Here are a few

items that may be of interest:

Leaders in Learning select pictures

  • Our agenda for the
  • week

  • My press release
  • My video during the awards ceremony (coming soon, I hope)
  • Cable industry video (now airing on local cable channels)
  • eSchoolNews TechWatch
  • Info on
  • the other winners

  • Info on
  • Leaders in Learning

    If you're doing interesting things related to technology and/or cable, I

    encourage you to apply next year. It was a great experience. Thanks, Cable in the Classroom and Comcast!

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