In the Name of the Fathers

In honor of those who came before us.

The Hip Hop nation has suffered many trials and tribulations since its birth in the early 1970's. But despite the hurdles, it has endured and continued to evolve and expand. From a small scene in New York city to a multi-billion dollar empire who's influence reaches into every corner of every neighborhood around the world. Hip Hop is without a doubt the primary influence of global pop culture. But one thing that I believe has been overlooked is the praise that should be given to the artist who sacrificed and in some case's lost there lives in the name of our mighty nation. In rasiianism we promote that these great souls who came to earth in the form of emcee's to bless and teach us through there Rhythm And Poetry should be exalted and held in the same esteem as the ancestors of the ancient Egyptians, who believed that when there king passed on he ascended amongst the stars to shine down his blessing and influence upon the nation that he once ruled. Or the Yoruba people who venerate there ancestors with the belief that they will continue to watch over and protect them after death. Now it is our turn as a young and growing nation to ask ourselves, had it not been for the life and death of Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smallz, Eazy E, Big Pun, Big L and so many others would our nation be what it is? If your answer is the same as mine then I think it is time we raise up our forefathers not just as talented artist but as powerful spirits who still influence and guide us as we continue to carry the torch of Hip Hop, lighting the path for those who come after us. So "In the Name of the Fathers" light a candle and say a prayer, for even though they are gone physically, they are still with us.

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