Wearable Technology Will Get Under Your Skin

Wearable technology is the future, but questions still persist as to where on the body the most popular devices will be worn. According to some prognosticators, temporary tech tattoos will reign supreme.

As the New York Times' Nick Bilton writes, the future of wearable technology features one major known and one major unknown. The known is that wearable technology will break through in the next decade as the next great tech battleground. The unknown is which form of wearable technology will emerge as the public's preferred form. While Google banks on eyewear and Apple focuses on the wristwatch, other companies hoping to steal some of the giants' clout are investing highly in devices that attach directly onto your skin, not unlike childrens' temporary tattoos. Here's Bilton's description:

"Many of these technologies don’t look anything like today’s gadgets. Instead, they are stretchable, bendable and incredibly thin. They can also be given unique designs, to stand out like a bold tattoo, or to blend in to the color of your skin."

This is hardly a new concept, as we've been hearing about these sorts of devices for years now. What often arises amidst their discussion are issues related to privacy. It's jarring enough for most people that Google labors over your search history. Imagine if they knew your heart rate as well.

Still, wearable technology that adheres to the skin comes with a number of potential benefits. For example, devices would be relatively inexpensive to produce. There'd be quite a bit of room to customize and style them to suit the user. Their readings would be also be all the more accurate if they're attached to the body.

Take a look at Bilton's article (linked below) and tell us what you think.

Read more at the New York Times

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