Underground Vault in Denmark Contains Every LEGO Set Ever

The vault, aptly labeled "Memory Lane," houses over half a century of little yellow bricks.

What's the Latest?

Deep below the rich Danish soil of Billund, a small town on the Jutland peninsula, is a secret vault that houses every LEGO set ever developed by the company. King Solomon's Temple this is not, but for the average 20-something manchild this sprawling sepulcher of yellow bricks may as well house the Arc of the Covenant. 

(Video will not inline, but a glimpse into the vault can be accessed here)

Billund, as you might have guessed, is the location of LEGO's HQ. The vault in the video linked above -- aptly labeled "Memory Lane" -- houses troves of nostalgia for generations of kids who grew up playing with the same familiar yellow bricks. A tour of the facility is sure to evoke the sorts of memories that make us long for a chance to touch the past, to lucidly access memories of childhood, and to relive the simple joys of life as it was. 

What's the Big Idea?

The Danish people, when not enjoying their top-of-the-charts quality-of-life or eating their delicious eponymous pastries, build lots and lots of LEGOs. The LEGO Group reported $4.73 billion in revenue in 2013, a number that's sure to go up in 2014 after the success of Warner Bros' delightful Lego Movie earlier this year. Little plastic bricks are big business in Scandinavia. 

But there's also a palpable power to the toys behind the brand. The link below will take you on blogger Jesus Diaz' journey through Memory Lane and offer an explanation of how LEGOs have the power to access that "primal connection" between the present and the past.

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Photo Credit: Maria Uspenskaya/Shutterstock

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